How To Achieve Optimum Drainage For Your Home

9 July 2015
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Drainage for your home is important. You need your home to properly drain rain and sprinkler water away from your home's foundation so you don't over-saturate your yard and cause water to leak into your basement. Here are ways you can achieve the best drainage for your home.

Install a drain pipe underground

Your rain gutters have a drain pipe designed to draw water from rainfall away from your roof and home. This water can sit on top of your grass and back flow to the front of your home if your landscape slopes toward your house instead of away from it. You can keep water deep in the ground by digging a trench several inches deep and installing a long drain pipe underground. The water will then penetrate deep into your soil for better drainage away from your home.

Change the slope of your landscape

Your home's foundation should be a few inches higher than the yard, and your yard should gradually slope downhill to help water escape away from your property. Layer several inches of soil at the end of your home's base and gradually grade it out to thin a few feet away from your home to create this downhill slope. Grass seed the area to fill in grass over the new slope you have created.

Clean your gutters 

You can hire a roofer to clean out your gutters for you so rainwater escapes down your drain pipe successfully. If your gutters are bent or coming apart, your roofer can install new aluminum ones for you at a small cost. Seamless rain gutters are the most common choice for install as they don't have edges and connecting pieces that debris can get stuck in. Your roofer can help you decide if cleaning your rain gutters or replacing them is the best option for optimum drainage.

Reinforce your basement

There may be water getting into your basement no matter what kind of drainage you have. This happens when you live in an area that gets ample rainfall and your soil is naturally very sandy or rocky. Since sandy soil doesn't absorb moisture as well as clay-based soil does, you need to reinforce your basement to keep moisture at bay. You can do this by installing fans to ventilate the area and eradicate moisture as it enters your home.

Proper drainage is essential to keeping water out of your home. Your roofer can help you create the right drainage for your home so you can keep rainwater and sprinkler moisture away from your home's foundation.