A Homeowner's Resource For Buying A New Roof

18 September 2015
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If you are looking to take great care of your home, it will come down to buying the roof that you need for your household. There are a number of variables that you will need to consider when purchasing a new roof, including the weight of the roof, the materials it is crafted with and the overall price of the roof. With this in mind, consider this information so that you are able to make a quality purchase of roofing in your area. 

Purchase A Roof That Is The Proper Weight For Your House Structure

Many roof buyers make the mistake of purchasing a roof that is far too heavy for their household. By purchasing shingles or components that are too heavy for your roof, you will create unnecessary stress on the structure of your home and the rafters. Speak to a licensed and insured roofer who can give you the right recommendation of weight as far as your roofing material goes.

Learn The Differences In Roofing Materials 

For your roof to truly work for you, make sure that you understand the differences in materials. The vast majority of people use asphalt roofing. These asphalt roofs are typically reinforced with fiberglass material and come in different variations of fire resistance. If you purchase a wooden roof, it can be made with popular cuts of wood, such as southern pine or redwood. The vast majority of these roofs do not rate very highly in terms of fire resistance. Slate roofs are purchased by people due to the many variations in color and grade. Slate roofing is also incredibly durable. Metal roofs have the most longevity and are incredibly resistant to all forms of weather.

Know How Much You Will Pay

Since you are buying a roof, you need to get a good idea of how much it will cost you. These prices will depend heavily on the materials used, the company installing it and the size of your property. You can typically get an asphalt roof for approximately $125 each square foot, while a wooden roof would cost approximately $180 per square foot. You will need to shop around with a variety of roofing contractors in order to get price quotes on labor.

Take this information into account as you look to get a new roof installed. Be sure to touch base with a roofing contractor by Marshall Roofing Ltd or another contractor who can handle the job for you.