Minor Roofing Issues That You Shouldn't Ignore

27 April 2017
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Your roof is a large structure that protects the entire house underneath it. However, it's not unusual for homeowners to notice roof-related issues and think that they can wait to be taken care of. It's important that you know when certain issues need to be addressed and repaired immediately; here are some roofing issues that you shouldn't ignore.

Fallen Shingles

After a rainstorm you might find a roofing shingle or two on your lawn and think nothing of it. This dismissal can sometimes be the start of a serious roofing problem. The shingle that you see on your lawn means that there may be an exposed portion of your roof. The next time it rains or snows, it's possible that some water could make its way into the underlying structure and damage other portions of the roof. You might even start to experience problems with mold, which can damage other shingles and cause them to become loose and fall off as well. Seeing a shingle anywhere but the roof requires investigation to ensure no water damage is taking place.

Curled Shingles

Even if all the shingles on the roof remain on the roof, there could still be problems that need to be addressed. You might think that the curling shingles you observe on a part of the roof is just due to sun-related wear, but just as well shingles that have fallen off completely, shingles that are curling up indicate a risk for water infiltration. Those shingles may need to be replaced before you experience more serious issues.

Sagging Inside the Attic

If you happen to see some evidence that a part of the roof is sagging, you might think it's strange but ignore it. It could be the fault of rotting or otherwise damaged wood decking; you'll need professional assistance to find out if the entire structure is compromised before there are significant leaks or a cave-in after a snowfall or storm.

High HVAC Bills

It may not even occur to you that your HVAC bills that are rising higher and higher have anything to do with your roof. However, if your usage has remained roughly the same but your bills are going up anyway, don't assume that the utility company is charging that much more money. It's possible that your roof's insulation is not as effective as it should be. You may need additional insulation or it might be time to start talking about replacing the roof altogether.

Now that you understand that there are some roofing issues that need to be tackled as soon as you notice them, consult residential roofers like those at The Recommended Roofers of Banks Construction LLC about getting a comprehensive assessment of the structure. They can recommend further actions that need to be taken right away.