Need A New Commercial Roof? Consider The Benefits Of Slate

15 May 2017
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If your commercial building is in need of new roofing, it might be time to look outside the box. While many building owners look to tar or even asphalt for their roofing needs, slate is an option you should also consider as it can offer several benefits, here are just some of the advantages you can expect.

Extended Lifespan

Compared to many other traditional options, slate can offer an extended lifespan. Slate is basically a form of rock that is created from volcanic ash.

When you consider the fact that volcanic ash and even the rock formations that it creates can last for many years, it should come as no surprise that the products derived from it, including slate, will also last a long time. If you're looking for a roof investment that will allow you to get a number of years of use, slate is a good idea.

Increased Resale Value

A slate roof can also afford a higher resale value. Should you need to sell the property in the future, the ability to get the most return on your investment will be important. Slate can increase your resale value for a number of reasons. First, since it lasts so much longer than traditional roofs, buyers will be willing more to pay for a roof that they won't have to worry about replacing often.

Second, it can add somewhat of a stylish element to the building, making it more visually appealing. Since potential clients are often more likely to do business with an establishment with great curb appeal, this is often a quality they are willing to pay more for.

Decreased Maintenance Needs

In addition to an increased lifespan, a slate roof can also offer decreased maintenance needs. This isn't just a savings when it comes to time, but also a savings when it comes to your operating costs. The less money you are required to spend on roof maintenance, the more money that you can set aside to reinvest in other areas of your business. 

For instance, slate is resistant to mold. Should your business be located in a humid environment, mold development on the roof can be a real problem that can be costly to rectify. With a slate roof this is not a concern you will have.   

Make sure you are looking beyond the traditional options for your business's roofing needs by taking a closer look at slate and its many benefits.