Don't Let Birds Damage Your Roof

25 May 2017
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Hearing the chirp of birds in the morning is soothing and can energize and motivate you to start your day. However, if the birds you hear are on your roof, your emotions might be quite the opposite. Even with their tiny frames, birds can cause serious roof damage. Make sure you're protecting your home.

The Problem With Birds

Learn about just some of the issues birds can cause so that you can easily spot damage before it gets out of hand.


For birds, the hollow spaces inside a roof's gutter system serve as prime real estate where they can quickly build a nest. The issue this creates is that the nest limits the amount of rainwater that can trickle down your roof, into the gutters and flow down and away from your home. The result is more water pooling on the roof and rolling down straight to the foundation. For both the roof and the foundation this excess water can cause costly damage.

Excess Droppings

An excessive amount of bird droppings isn't just unsightly, but it can also be damaging. A bird's diet primarily consists of selections that have acidic levels. Once these foods are digested and passed, their high acidic values don't diminish, they remain. Over time, the acid can eat away at your roofing material leaving the under-layers exposed and more vulnerable to leaking, especially when it comes shingles. Think of it this way, the more droppings, the more acid.

Protecting Your Roof

Given the severity of the problems birds can cause, knowing how to protect your roof is important.

Plastic Spikes

A practical and humane way to keep birds off your roof is to apply plastic spikes along the perimeter. Although the idea of a spike sounds painful, to a bird, landing on the spike will only produce a prickly-like sensation. However, when a bird attempts to land on the roof, they will quickly fly away as this sensation will prevent them from getting comfortable.

Sound Deterrent

If you don't like the aesthetics of having plastic spikes around the roof, you can also use a sound deterrent. These systems consist of small speakers that use a sonar technology to send a signal to birds that they don't like, making them stay away. Don't worry about disturbing your neighbors as humans are unable to hear the sound.

If birds have caused damage to your roof, it's time to contact a roofing professional. Particularly when it comes to damaged shingles, the issue will only magnify and lead to greater problems. For more information, visit