Deciding On A Roof For Your New Home? 4 Reasons You Should Go Green

31 May 2017
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If you're in the process of designing your new home, and you're stuck on the type of roof you should choose, it's time to add a bit of color: green. Why settle for your typical roofing material, when you could go green instead? You might think that green roofs are a new idea, but they've actually been around for centuries. In fact, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, one of the seven wonders of the world, were designed and constructed around 500 B.C. Here are four reasons why you should choose green for your new roof.

Improves the Environment

Whether you're an active participant in a green lifestyle, or you just like to help where you can, a green roof will help you do your part to improve the environment. Green roofs help remove pollutants from the air, and reduce the urban heat island, which is the absorption of heat caused by urban sprawl. Not only that, but when you install a green roof on your home, you're doing your part to help wildlife such as butterflies and bees.

Provides Consistent Indoor Temperatures

During the summer, when the sun is beating down on your roof, the inside temperatures can fluctuate throughout the day. That's because the amount of heat that's being absorbed into your roofing material changes due to cloud cover, and the movement of the sun. Installing a green roof on your home will provide for more consistent temperatures during those hot, summer days. The layer of vegetation will act as natural insulation to keep your home comfortable, which means you won't have to spend so much money on your cooling bill.

Absorbs Outside Noise

If you're going to be living out in the country, you might not have to worry about noises from the outside world. However, if your new home will be located near a busy street, or in the middle of a crowded community, you'll want as much protection from excess noise as possible. That's where a green roof comes in. In addition to keeping your home cooler by absorbing the heat, your green roof will also keep your home quieter by absorbing the outside noise.

Prevents Rainwater Waste

If you've ever watched the water flow off your roof during a rainstorm and wished there was a way to put it to good use, there is. When you have a green roof, the rain keeps your vegetation properly watered. Not only that, but the vegetation on your roof prevents rainwater runoff – which can lead to soil erosion around your home.

Now that it's time to choose a roof for your new home, go green. Talk to a roofing contractor such as Trinity Contracting & Construction for more information.