Avoiding Rooftop Damage When Storms Are Imminent

11 July 2017
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If your home has an asphalt rooftop, and you live in an area where storms are abundant during the spring and summertime months, taking steps to aid in protecting your roof from wear is necessary. Failing to take steps to maintain your rooftop can lead to damage in the form of leaking. Here are some tips to consider to help you keep your roof intact when storms strike.

Take Time To Keep Limbs Away From Your Rooftop

If your home is situated among trees, your roof will be more prone to damage when a storm passes through your area. Heavy winds and rain can cause leaves, twigs, and even large branches to end up on your shingles. These can scrape shingles as well as holes in the underlying wood if weight is excessive. Call a tree company to remove any limbs that hang directly over your rooftop. It is best to have an evaluation done yearly to remove any growth so your roof remains unmarred by foliage in the area.

Do Evaluations Of Your Shingles On A Routine Basis

If storms rip through your area regularly, it is likely shingles will become loose when winds are excessive. Calling a roofing company to do an assessment of your rooftop a few times a year is best. They will take the time to remove any loose shingles and replace them with sturdy, new ones. They will also make necessary repairs to areas where leaking is likely to occur if necessary. An evaluation will give you the peace of mind your rooftop will be able to withstand stormy weather when it hits. A roofing company will also clean your rooftop during their evaluation if desired. Companies like Select Exteriors even specialize in repairing and replacing roofing after storms.

Consider Getting An Additional Layer Of Shingles

If you are calling a roofing company constantly to replace shingles on your home, you may want to consider having another layer installed to give your roof added protection. If shingles are in poor condition or if they are thin in consistency, adding another layer will help to create a tighter barrier against water penetration. A roofing company will give you recommendations regarding shingle brands and will also help you to determine the weight limit your rooftop will be able to withstand when deciding if another layer is best. In some cases, removing existing shingles and adding a new layer of thicker shingles is a better option in protecting a roof against water damage.