3 Ideal Plants for Your New Green Roof

18 July 2017
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If you want to have a green roof for your home, there are many different choices of materials, which include moss, grasses and wild flowers. In addition, there are other plants like shrubs and small trees that can be a valuable addition to a green roof system. Here are some of the best choices of plants if you are planning to have a green roof system installed on your home:

1. Moss & Fungus for a Lighter Roof Cover in Moist Climates

In some regions of the world, moss has been used to insulate roof tops and protect homes for centuries. For the modern home, moss and other green fungi can be an excellent solution for green roof tops. There are a couple of things to consider when using moss as a roof cover, such as average rainfall in your area and the amount of shade on your roof.

Moss roofs work best in moist climates and on homes with plenty of shade to protect the fungus from exposure to direct sunlight. If you do not have good conditions for a moss roof, you may want to consider other materials for your green roof top.

2. Grasses & Ground Cover for a Roof Top Lawn & Green Area

When moss will not grow, grass will probably thrive and is the perfect solution for green roof tops. If you want to have a roof top lawn, choose grasses that are ideal for turf. Remember that to keep a rooftop lawn, you will also have to mow it regularly. Alternatively, you can choose from native grass species in your region and let them grow wild if mowing the lawn on the roof is not possible. Consider mixing the grasses with other native ground cover plants to create the perfect habitat for wildlife.

3. Trees & Shrubs That Are Ideal for a Rooftop Green Space

Trees and shrubs can also be a valuable addition to a green roof, but there are a few things to consider first. You want to make sure that you use trees and shrubs that are lighter and have shallow roof systems for roof tops. When planting trees or shrubs, use root barrier systems around them to prevent roots from penetrating the waterproof membrane system below the soil substrates.

These are some of the best choices of materials when you are planning on having a green roof system installed on your home. Contact a roofing service like Drey Roofing to help with the installation of these roof solutions for a green rooftop.