Roof Damage And Gutters: 3 Improvements To Consider When Replacing A Roof And Gutters

26 July 2017
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It is time to replace your roof and you have found that the gutters have caused damage. Gutters help protect your home when properly installed, but they can also cause problems such as water getting in the eaves and rotting decking. Seams in gutters can also cause them to come loose, leak or completely fall off your home. When you replace your roof, it is also a good time to install new-and-improved gutters. Here are some improvements that will help prevent home damage when replacing the roof and gutters on your home:

1. Seamless Gutters That Are Less Likely to Leak or Detach

The old gutters on your home that were sections are a potential cause of damage to the roof and structure of your home. Gutter sections can detach from the eaves and leak. Eventually, the damaged gutters will allow water to get behind them and in the eaves. To prevent the problem of sectional gutters, talk with the installation service about using seamless gutters, which are less likely to detach and rarely leak. In addition, have the gutters screwed to the eaves, rather than nailed.

2. Protect Eaves with Gutter Guards and Reinforced Layer of Underlayment

With gutters, the most vulnerable area is near the eaves, which can collect debris or ice dams that cause damage to roof. Improve gutters by having quality gutter guards installed that allow debris, snow and ice to flow over the gutters, rather than dam up at the eaves. In addition, add a reinforced layer of roofing beneath the shingles at the eaves to protect against leaks that cause serious water and structural damage.

3. Roof Runoff and Gutter Drainage to Protect Your Home from Wear

When it rains, it pores and water on your roof must go somewhere. The runoff on your roof can be more in areas where the roof meets different slopes or a wall. These areas of your roof should have flashing, which can be improved by adding two layers; one a rubber membrane and the other conventional metal flashing. In addition to the roof, runoff can also affect the foundation of your home around gutter downspouts. Have drain lines installed on the downspouts of your gutters to prevent runoff from causing foundation damage.

With the right improvements, your gutters will help prevent damage to the roof and the foundation of your home. For more information, contact a business such as Hinckley Roofing.