Six Great Reasons to Have a Metal Roof Installed

26 September 2017
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Is it time to have your roof replaced? Following are six of the many reasons why choosing metal roofing may be your best option. 

It Will Last a Long Time

Metal roofs last longer than their counterparts made from traditional roofing materials such as wood and asphalt. Metal roofing can last as long as 70 years. The average asphalt roof, on the other hand, is lucky to last 20 years. Besides providing a tough surface that doesn't easily degrade or erode, metal roofing withstands elements such as high winds much better than most other materials. They are also ideal for areas that receive abundant amounts of snowfall because snow slides off of pitched metal surfaces easily 

Rain on the Roof Will Sound Amazing

The sound of rain on a metal roof provides a cozy ambiance that's hard to replicate. Rain on a metal roof while enjoying a fire in the fireplace, watching a movie with the family, reading a good book, or simply sitting quietly and musing about life will all make you wish for more rainy days. 

It Will Protect You From Fire

Metal is more fire resistant than most materials, making it an excellent roofing choice, particularly in areas where seasonal wildfires are a part of the picture. Because wildfires often travel by airborne sparks, roofs are often the first point of entry for them. Metal roofs also offer protection in the event that a fire climbs up a tree and reaches an overhanging branch. 

It Can Look Like Anything You Want It To 

Although many people think of metal roofing as being tin coverings on rough shanties, agricultural or industrial buildings, or tool sheds and other outbuildings, today's metal roofs grace some of the most elegant residential and commercial structures around. They can look like brick, clay, tile, stone, wood, or almost any other type of material. By choosing metal, you can have that cedar shake roof you've always dreamed of without the maintenance hassles or the fire danger involved in dealing with a wooden roof. 

It Won't Need Much Maintenance

Because metal doesn't have a porous surface that allows mosses, lichens, and algae to gain a foothold, you won't be spending time pressure washing your roof -- or paying someone else to do so -- in order to get rid of these scourges. Metal roofing won't develop leaks except in extreme circumstances, so you won't be searching out and patching holes. All you'll have to do to keep your metal roof in top shape is to keep it clean by washing it down with a warm water and a mild detergent once or twice per year. 

It Will Conserve Energy 

Whether you live in an area with a great deal of seasonal heat or enjoy a more temperate climate featuring serious winter cold, you can customize your roof to reflect or absorb solar heat, keeping air conditioning costs down in summer or giving you a break on heating bills in winter. Although metal roofs first became popular among mainstream homeowners in desert areas because they're naturally reflective properties kept air conditioning costs from going through the roof, they're beginning to be used with more frequency in areas where heating bills are larger concerns among homeowners, where they're painted dark colors to absorb heat. However, if you want the best of both worlds, metal roofing can provide you with that -- there are now removable coverings that you can on your metal roof during winter to provide a surface that absorbs heat. 

Please feel free to contact a local metal roof contractor at companies like Acoma Roofing, Inc. for more insight about whether or not metal roofing is the right choice for your home.