Wood Vs. Synthetic Roofing

8 November 2017
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Replacing your roof is obviously a very big decision. Not only will it completely change the style of your home, it also has a big impact on the energy efficiency and maintenance of your roof. Simply put, no two roofing products are the same. Of course, the best product for your home will depend on a number of factors, from your budget to your climate. This article compares two roofing products that are commonly use for residential properties.

Synthetic Tile Roofs

Synthetic tile roofs are always going to be popular, if only because they are so easy to take care of. When it comes to synthetic tiles, there are an endless amount of styles to choose from. You can find a synthetic tile that replicates the style of just about any natural material, from raw hardwood shingles to slate roofing tiles. Of course, it goes without saying that these products don't look exactly like the material that they are replicating, but they are quite advanced and some products look better than of others. On top of that, you need to remember that these are being installed on your roof, where they are further away and harder to see. So, any discrepancies you notice when looking at them up close might not even be noticeable when it comes to viewing them from the ground.

Synthetic tile are also popular because they are made with the consumer in mind in many aspects. Not only are they lighter and easier to install thanks to the modular design, they're also made to be more durable and easy to take care of. They are perfectly waterproof, so you don't ever need to seal them. Basically, synthetic towels have a long life, and they don't require any maintenance, so they are always going to be a top choice.

Wooden Shingles

Some people aren't worried about maintenance, and are willing to undertake any amount of upkeep in order to have the product they want. This definitely needs to be your attitude if you are going to choose wooden shingles. Wood shingles are very durable for a natural product, but they are still going to require some maintenance over the years. A wood shingle roof will probably only last 25 years, which is probably half the lifespan of a synthetic product. One great thing about wood roofs is that they can be refinished, restained, or repainted. This means that the homeowner has greater flexibility if they ever want to change the color scheme of their home. In the end, most people simply choose wood because of the style. Either product could be suitable for your home, just think about the necessary maintenance and lifespan of each before investing.

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