3 Roof Inspection Tips To Help Catch Leaks Before That Cause Costly Water Damage

19 December 2017
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The roof of your business is important to protect against water damage, but it is difficult to find problems that need repair. When you know how to inspect your roof and find leaks and other damage that needs repair, you are going to be less likely to have serious water damage from leaks. Here are some roof inspection tips that will help you find problems that need to be repaired before they become too costly:

1. Minor Leaks from Wear That Could Lead to Big Problems

Over the years, your roof gets worn and will need to have some small repairs done. The leaks that wear causes come from problems like weather shingles that often need to be replaced and punctures from debris or nails working loose. The best thing to do to prevent these problems with your roof is to inspect the roof every year. Contact a roofing professional and schedule a consultation to have them inspect your roof for problems and recommend when the best time for roof replacement is.

2. Storm Damage That Is Often Invisible but Causes Major Problems

The storm damage to the roof of your business is most likely hardly visible. These invisible storm damage problems will lead to costly water damage restoration projects if they go unnoticed. It is important that you inspect your roof after storms and look for signs of minor wind damage and hailed damaged roofing that needs to be repaired. If there are other businesses near you that have a lot of damage, contact a roofing contractor and have them inspect your business.

3. Chimneys, Vents, Gutters, and Other Materials That Cause Roof Leaks

The roofing materials are not the only areas on your roof that could leak. You may also have problems with chimneys, mechanical vents, gutters and flashing materials. When you inspect your roof, look closely around these features because they are most common areas where leaks start and lead to serious water damage problems. If you have leaks around the fireplace inside your business, it is a good idea to have the chimney inspected and repaired if needed. Have a roofer check area like mechanical vents and flashing for wear. Often, when the flashing and vent materials are worn, it also means that the roof is worn and needs to be replaced.

These are some tips to help with roof inspections and find problems before they become costly. If you need help with roof inspection or repairs, contact a commercial re-roofing contractor to ensure your business is protected from these sorts of problems.