Slate VS. Wood: Information About These Two Natural Roofing Materials

8 January 2018
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Roofs are difficult to repair. The work can be technical, difficult, and dangerous. So, homeowners who are planning on updating their roof should always think about the strength of the product. You also need to think about the difficulty of repairing different materials. This article takes a look at two of the best roofing materials for homeowners who prefer a strong and low maintenance material. Slate and wood are two of the most common roof products for residential construction, but they have very different maintenance needs.

Slate is More Durable

The slate used on roofs is rock that basically taken out of the Earth, chipped into the tile-sized pieces, and then installed on your roof. Basically, it is a raw, untreated piece of rock. This means that every slate tile piece is unique. Each tile will have unique marbling and coloring.

Slate is a great roofing material because it is water resistant too. It is a rugged material that will insulate your home and protect it from even the harshest weather conditions. Since it is so heavy duty, slate doesn't really need any special care for maintenance. A slate roof can easily last over 100 years, even if you don't spend any time or money on maintenance.

Wood Shingles Need More TLC

Wood shingles are another popular natural roofing material. Much like slate, wood has been used on roofs for centuries. Wood is loved because it looks natural, warm, and matches well with just about any homestyle. Many people will shop for recycled and repurposed wood shingles. These are eco-friendly and give the homeowner great piece of mind knowing that they are using a recycled material.

It is important to point out that wood is not as naturally durable as a slate. Of course, it is susceptible to water and termite damage, which is a major concern when installing it on the roof. Usually, a wooden roof is only going to last about 25 to 35 years. This shorter lifespan is obviously a major factor to consider. That being said, wood is much cheaper and easier to install than slate. It doesn't require as much prep work, and it is easy to replace broken wood shingles. Repairing broken wood shingles is even a manageable DIY project for most.

In the end, both wood and slate can be great natural roofing products that will add flair and style to your home. Contact a commercial roofing contractor to learn more.