Why Tile Roofing May Be The Best Choice For You

28 January 2018
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When you are thinking about replacing the roof on your home, you may be a bit overwhelmed with all of the options available to you. While there are many roofing options that you may be looking into, tile roofing might be one of your top contenders. Before you make your final roofing material decision, get to know some of the reasons that tile roofing may be the best choice for you. Then, you can be sure that your new roof is everything that you hoped it would be. 

Tile Roofs Come in a Variety of Styles

One of the many benefits of tile roofing for your home is that it is a stylistically versatile material. Tile roofing can be made of ceramic, concrete, or slate and come in different shapes and colors. Whether you are looking to create your own Mediterranean vista or you would prefer a roof that looks more like traditional shingles, tile roofing can do just that for you. 

Tile Roofs Are Durable and Long-Lasting

Aside from the style benefits of tile roofing, there are a number of other benefits as well. One of those benefits is that tile roofs are extremely durable. Because these tiles are heavy-duty, they can withstand the elements quite nicely. They are not prone to water damage, pest infestations, fire damage, or any other such issues. 

Tile can also handle extreme weather conditions like hail and heavy storms without sustaining significant damage. This makes them incredibly long-lasting. Some tile roofs have been known to last over one hundred years. However, the warranty on most tile roofs are around 40 to 50 years which is still significantly longer than most other roofing options available. 

Tile Roofs Are Environmentally-Friendly

Unlike shingle roofs that are made out of asphalt (a petroleum product) or wood, tile roofs are made out of stone, clay, or concrete. All of these materials are mineral-based and are therefore, largely natural. This, combined with the fact that the roofing tiles are entirely recyclable, makes tile roofing an environmentally-friendly roofing option. 

Tile roofs are also very energy efficient. They can significantly reduce your energy bills and energy usage, further improving your environmental impact. 

Now that you know some of the many reasons that tile roofing may be the best roofing material for you, you can be sure that you are making the best possible choice for you and your home, and get your new roof installed as soon as possible.  Contact a company, like Amick Roofing Inc, for more help.