Ways To Keep Your Roof Long Lasting And Your Home Protected

8 February 2018
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Your roof provides important protection for your home, and you should check it regularly to repair any damage before it causes further problems. Here are recommendations to prevent your roof from receiving damage from winter ice and pests that can lead to interior damage to your home.

Check for Interior Ice Dam Damage

Keeping an eye on the condition of your roof during winter can help keep your roof from experiencing damage from ice dams. Watch for ice dam formation along the edge of your roof, which will appear as a layer of ice under the snow and forms icicles on the edge of your roof. If you notice ice dam formation, you can hire a roofing professional to remedy the problem.

A roofing professional will check your attic insulation and ventilation to make sure warm air does not collect inside the attic and warm your roof, as this causes snow-melt to run down your roof and freeze at its edge. You can also install heating cables on your roof to melt any ice as it forms on the edge of your roof.

When the ice and snow melts from your roof in the spring, inspect your roofing layers and shingles for evidence of ice damage. This damage can present itself as curling shingles and interior water leaks inside your attic or the underside of your roof. Ice dams form under your shingles and roofing layers to damage and allow water to seep into your home. Make sure to repair any damaged shingles, or replace your roofing materials with new shingles when the damage is extensive and doing so is recommended by a professional roofer.

Keep Your Gutters Cleaned

Cleaning your roof's gutters not only ensures your roof has proper drainage during wet weather, but it can prevent termite damage from occuring. If you live in a termite-prone area, you may already know termites live in and feast on decaying and moist woody materials, such as leaves, pine needles, and twigs. Leaving your gutters filled with layers of debris from nearby trees can provide an environment for termites to live. Once they are living in and on the gutter debris, they will make their way into the wood roofing deck and shingles to cause termite rot.

Check and clean your gutters throughout the year to remove layers of debris that accumulate in them. If you have numerous trees in your yard and around your home or in your neighbor's yards, you may need to clean your gutters out more frequently to prevent termite infestations. Keep in mind pine trees shed their needles and pine cones all year long and not just in the fall so this can increase the build-up inside your gutters. Hire a professional gutter service to regularly clean out your gutters.

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