Why Use Steel Overlay Roofing

6 April 2018
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When you're in the process of replacing your roof, you'll have a couple of options to pick from. You can rip off the old roof and replace it with brand new material, or lay a new roof on top of the old one to save some money. It's common to lay new material over old material when you are using the exact same material. However, a steel overlay can go on top of different materials. This allows you to take advantage of the following benefits of steel, but save you money when having it installed.

Reduced Noise

Many homeowners stay away from metal roofing because they are afraid the roof will make a lot of noise when it snows or rains. While the problem with steel is not as common as you think, using steel as an overlay will help reduce any noise that you hear. This is due to their being two layers of roofing material, which acts as an additional insulating layer between your home and the roofing material.

Improved Protection

Using a steel overlay will actually give your roof more protection in the end. When a tear-off roof only has a single layer, it means that water has an easier time reaching the roof deck if there is a leak. With an overlying roof, you have that old layer of shingles underneath the new steel. This old layer acts as an additional layer of protection if water somehow finds its way past the steel layer.

Improved Ventilation

A steel overlay roof won't be placed directly on top of the old roofing material. These types of overlays will be installed with a thin gap between both layers. This allows the hot air in your attic to be moved through the gap and make its way towards the eaves in the attic. As a result, there will be less moisture buildup inside the attic, and you will have fewer issues with mold or rot.

Higher Insulation Value

Two layers of roofing material will work better than a single layer when it's time to insulate a home and make it more energy efficient. The two layers will work together to help prevent hot air from escaping during the winter, and cool air from getting out in the summer. As a result, you'll see lower heating and cooling bills throughout the year. In the winter, you'll have fewer problems caused by hot spots, which would cause ice dams as sections of snowmelt.

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