Dangers Of A Defective Chimney Cap Installation

2 May 2018
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The chimney cap may present only a tiny section of your roof's structure, but you should be afraid for your roof if the chimney cap is missing or damaged. This is because the cap serves the very important function of keeping foreign objects from passing through the chimney. Here are some of the dangers your house may experience with a defective chimney cap:

Water Damage

The biggest risk of a malfunctioning chimney cap is that it can let water into your roof and even into the house. The water may flow into different parts of the roof and cause corrosion or rot in different materials. With time, you will have to replace much more than the chimney cap.

Pest Infestation

Your chimney cap should be firmly in place if you don't want pests to invade your roof or house. There are three main ways in which an open chimney can lead to increased pest infestation. First, the opening provides different pests, such as squirrels, with openings they can use to burrow or hide food. Secondly, many pests thrive in moist places, and the opening will be letting water into your roof. Lastly, the opening will also let leaves and other windblown debris to collect in your roof, which will also attract pests.

Mold Growth

Mold is more than a nuisance; it can trigger allergic attacks in some people and cause respiratory problems in others. There are also poisonous variants of mold that can trouble anyone. Unfortunately, having a damaged chimney cap increase the risk of mold in your house. This is because the roof opening will allow two things that encourage mold growth into your roof – moisture and organic debris.

Fire Dampening

Your damaged chimney cap can also prevent you from enjoying your fireplace; this is because moisture from rainfall or melting snow and ice will be able to pass through the chimney and reach your fireplace, thereby dampening the fire.

Fire Outbreak

Hot air rises, which is why you have the chimney in the first place; it allows exhaust gases from your indoor fire to escape outside. The chimney is usually constructed to prevent embers from flying through the chimney up into the roof and causing damage. However, there will be nothing to prevent such fire outbreaks if the chimney cap that is meant to trap the embers doesn't fit properly.

Therefore, don't delay fixing your chimney cap in case it is damaged. Consult a roofing professional like Moriarty Roofing & Sheet Metal to rectify it or replace it as soon as possible.