Time For Foundation Repair? Here's How To Know

2 June 2018
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Even though you might not notice the foundation of your home all that often, you need to make it a point to occasionally take a close look. Do this by walking around the exterior in order to see the exposed section and also check the basement foundation walls from inside your home. Of course, you need to know just what it is that you are looking for. To help you determine whether you are in need of professional basement foundation repair, you will want to read through the following information.

Standing Water

If you have ventured into your basement and have noticed that there is standing water anywhere down there, you will need to call for a professional for some foundation repair. The water is from the ground and it is seeping through your basement foundation walls somewhere. It is important to try to figure out the general area of where the water is coming from, as that is the section that you will need to focus on first. Then, you can go around your entire basement, waterproofing the walls as you go.

Visible Cracks

Even if you have not noticed any problem with the collection of water along your basement floor, you cannot ignore cracks in the wall. If they have not yet allowed water in, they soon will. Also, as water moves through the blocks of your foundation, destruction of your wall will occur. You might notice that pieces of the foundation wall are starting to crumble. Even if the walls are only crumbling slightly, the damaged section would be considered a weak area of your foundation and it needs to be repaired properly by a skilled foundation expert.

Door And Window Trouble 

Sometimes, one of the first signs that you have a problem with your foundation will come from higher up in the house instead of from something in the basement. For example, as your foundation wall starts to settle, crack, crumble, or lean in, the doors and windows in your home can be impacted. You might find that you are suddenly having trouble opening and closing the doors and windows. The longer you wait to have the repairs done, the worse the problem can become.

You may want to have a few different foundation repair experts come out to your home to evaluate the situation. This way, you will be able to find the contractor with the best advice for resolving your foundation problems and figure out how much you can expect it to cost you. Talk to a local compoany like Seagate Roofing and Foundations for more information.