Have You Considered Architectural Asphalt Tiles?

26 June 2018
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If you are going to invest in a new roof, you often need to compromise between style and function. But, this isn't always true with modern asphalt products that are aesthetically pleasing and strong. Architectural asphalt tiles are more expensive, but usually worth the extra cost. This article explains exactly what architectural asphalt tiles are, and why they should be considered by anybody who is redoing their roof.

Modern Asphalt Tiles

Asphalt tiles have always been one of the most popular roofing products for both residential and commercial properties. They are considered to be a no frills product with decent lifespans and very low maintenance requirements. Asphalt tiles are thin and flexible, but they are super hardy. The gritty outer surface is textured to make the surface waterproof and stain resistant.

But, old asphalt tiles were never considered to be the most attractive option. They were rather plain, boring, and they look a little flat when the roof is complete. But, modern architectural tiles are much more attractive, and they have superior insulation and longer lifespan.

Are They Worth It?

Architectural products may cost more, but since they last longer and have better insulation, they could actually represent a better value for your money. An architectural asphalt tile will usually last over 30 years, where a traditional asphalt tile will usually only last about 20 years. Architectural tiles are also thicker and stronger. The thickness proves to be very important when it comes to insulation and heat retention in cold climates. It also makes your roof stronger and more resistant to impact damage.

They Are Much More Stylish

Ultimately, you'll probably be most impressed by how much more stylish architectural styles are. They have more aesthetic textures and shapes that create more pronounced shapes on your roof. Basically, they look more like other popular hard tiles like clay or concrete. They have visible edges that stick up and add a new dimension to the roof. When you buy an architectural tile product, you aren't just buying a bunch of one particular tile. That is, you're buying a package with a range of tiles that vary in their color and shape. They are specially designed to look good together once the roof is completely laid out.

If you are going to replace your roof with an asphalt product, you should definitely be looking at the modern architectural tiles. They might cost more, but they are definitely worth the investment in the long run.