Is It Time For A New Roof?

2 October 2018
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Have you recently moved into a previously-owned home? Perhaps the owners discounted the house because they knew it needed a new roof, giving you the option of selecting the roof for yourself. Or it might be that your present house is now older and the time has come for a roof replacement. From working with a roofing company like Columbia Roofing Inc to selecting the right roof for your home, here are some ideas that might help you.

Working With A Roofing Company: Consider contacting around three roofing companies so that you can do some comparisons. Of course, you'll more than likely want to get the best deal on your roof money-wise, but you'll also want to feel very confident about working with the representative from the roofing company. Get everything in writing. For example, make sure that the company knows when you want the job to start and find out at least an approximate date for when the job will be completed. What kind of insurance or warranty does the roofing company offer? If repairs are needed in the future, will the company be available to make those repairs? Think of writing down all of your questions and concerns before you even meet with the representative from the roofing company. By doing that, you are not likely to forget important details.

Deciding On The Roof: Do you already know what kind of a roof you want, or are you still working on that? The roofing company can help you with that decision too. For instance, if you have a Mexican-style home, you might want a red tile roof. Those are not only gorgeous, but they will also last for a very long time. However, the roofer might suggest that your home won't hold the weight of that kind of roof. Instead, the roofer might recommend that you select a shingle roof very close to the same colors the red tile roof would be, thus giving the appearance of the Mexican tile roof you wanted. One plus about selecting a shingle roof is that they are affordable and easy to maintain. Perhaps you have been thinking about purchasing a tin roof. While more expensive than a shingle roof, a tin roof will more than likely be less expensive than a tile roof. The great thing about a tin roof is that it will withstand harsh weather. New designs even might hide the evidence of a hailstorm.