Four Roofing Improvements That Reduce Wear and Improve the Energy Efficiency Businesses with Shingle Roofs

18 October 2018
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There are many roofing improvements that you may want to consider if you want your home to be more energy-efficient. Some of the improvements that can be done will also help make roofing more durable and prevent leaks and wear. The right improvements will also help reduce energy costs and maintenance needs. Here are some roofing improvements to consider improving the energy efficiency and durability of your roof.

1. Reinforced Eaves and Gutter Guards to Prevent Wear of Shingle Materials

If you want to have a more durable roof, protect areas that are vulnerable to damage. One of these areas is the eaves because this is where problems like ice dams and debris start. To protect your roof against ice dams and problems from debris from trees, reinforce the eave areas. You can also install gutters and gutter guards to help protect against wear in these areas.

2. Energy-Efficient Underlayments That Also Prevent Wear and Leaks

When doing energy efficient improvements for the roof of your home, there are also options for roofing underlayments. These materials work by providing extra insulation and a thermal barrier and by preventing heat transfer through roofing materials. These materials can be rigid roof decking materials that provide insulation and durability for roofing materials. There is also the moisture barrier underlayment, which is a great way to improve the energy efficiency of your roof. These are more durable materials that provide a thermal barrier to prevent heat transfer. They also provide an improved moisture barrier to prevent leaks and problems with water damage.

3. Using Synthetic Roofing Materials for More Durability and Energy Efficiency

Another option that you may want to consider for durability and energy efficiency is installing synthetic roofing materials. These roofing materials are often made of recycled rubber and plastic materials, which also make them an eco-friendly choice if you are looking for a green solution for the roofing on your home. These materials can also be a great solution if you want to mimic the look of costlier roofing, such as slate, clay tile, and wood shakes. They also have the benefit of being more durable and energy-efficient than those materials.

These are some of the improvements that you will want to consider to make your roof more durable and energy-efficient. If you need help with these roofing improvements, contact a commercial roofing contractor, such as WNC Roofing. These professionals can help you improve the roof of your building.