Shake Roofing to Makeover Your Home With a New Custom Wood Look

17 November 2020
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The roof of your home may have worn shingles. Over time, leaks and damage get too costly to repair constantly. The look of wood can be a great improvement that adds value to your home. Today, there are a lot of different options for attractive shake roofing. The following shake roofing solution will help you makeover your home with a new custom wood look:

Affordable Wood Shakes

The wood shakes you have installed on your home can be costly, depending on several factors. The following wood shake roofing solutions will help keep the material costs for your project down:

  • Using treated cedar shakes where they are locally available
  • Choosing white oak and other shake materials where cedar is costly
  • Finding affordable deals on hand-split shakes from local artisans

These solutions will help keep the material costs of your roofing project down. Try to find domestic lumber sources for your shakes. Materials that are a local resource will be less expensive.

Durable Wood Shingle Options 

Wood shingles are a little different than wood shakes because they are milled in factories. These materials can vary in styles and wood species. The milled shingles can also be treated with special treatments to protect your new roofing:

  • Pressure-treated wood shingles with stained finishes
  • Shingles with a fire-retardant treatment for dry areas
  • Custom wood shingles with textured profiles

Sometimes, treated wood shingles are the best option for the look of shakes. This is due to the treatments that protect the roof from fungus or fire.

Wood Alternatives for the Look of Shakes

The wood shakes may be a problem for some homes. This may be due to the climate or restrictions for the use of wood roofing materials. The following shake alternatives will give your home the wood look you want:

  • Synthetic tiles with shake profiles
  • Stamped metal shingles
  • Metal roofing panels with shake profiles

These are some options to consider for your home if you are looking for wood alternatives. The metal roofing materials are a great option if you need a more fire-resistant roof for your home.

Other Wood Roofing for Durable Shake Alternatives

There are other alternatives to the shake materials you have installed on your home. These materials can be other wood roofing, such as board-and-batten. These board roofing designs are often used on architectural features, such as porches. You can use the board roofs to contrast the shake of the main roof body of your home.   

Your roof can be replaced with attractive shake materials to give it a custom wood look. Call a roofing contractor and talk to them about these shake roofing solutions for a custom wood look.