4 Questions To Ask A Gutter Service Before A Professional Cleaning

29 July 2019
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Having your gutters cleaned regularly can help to prevent debris build-up, which in-turn can prolong the life of your entire roof and gutter system. Before you schedule a gutter cleaning with just any company, however, there are some questions worth asking to make sure you're working with an experienced and professional business. Will You Include a Roof Inspection? Many gutter-cleaning services also offer general roofing services, and some will even include a standard roof inspection as part of their gutter-cleaning appointments. Read More 

Your Asphalt Shingle Roof And When It’s Time For Replacement

3 July 2019
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Getting a new roof on your home is a necessary investment if you intend to prevent damage to your home. This is because roofs sometimes need to be replaced or repaired. You can expect about 20 years of life from your asphalt shingle roof, sometimes less when you live in a climate with severe weather. Here are some situations when you should consdier contacting a roofing company to help you keep your roof in the best condition possible: Read More 

3 Ways That Squirrels Cause Severe Damage To Your Home’s Roof

15 May 2019
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While you may think that squirrels are cute, they definitely belong in the forest and not on your roof. Squirrels are a persistent problem for homeowners because they constantly move around at roof level while climbing and jumping between trees – this means that they typically spend a considerable amount of time on your roof compared to other potential pests. Squirrels also love to nest in attics, and they'll gnaw through your roof in order to gain access. Read More 

Need A New Roof? What To Consider When Adding Another Roofing Layer

18 April 2019
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When it comes to roof replacement, you have two options to pick from. You can either rip the old roof off your home and install all brand new material, or you can install a new roofing layer right over the old one. Here are some thing to consider when you add new shingles without removing the old ones. You MIght Not Be Able To Add Another Layer The first thing you want to find out when you are deciding to add another roofing layer is if you're allowed to do it. Read More 

Roofing Services That Keep Your Roof In Good Shape As It Ages

7 February 2019
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If you're a first-time homeowner, you might think your roof is something you don't have to think about unless it's damaged by a storm or wears out due to age and needs to be replaced. However, your roof needs regular maintenance just like the rest of your house. Here are some roofing services your roof might need over the years to prolong its life and prevent leaks. An Inspection After A Storm Read More