Don’t Settle For Any Roof: Why Your Commercial Building Needs Industrial Foam

11 December 2017
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If your commercial building needs a new roof, now's the time to take care of that. Delaying your new roof can lead to serious problems for your commercial building, including wood rot, and mold. Those are the last things you want to deal with when you're running a business. However, you don't want to choose just any roofing material for your commercial business. You want a roof that's going to last you for years to come, through all types of weather. Read More 

Having Work Done To Your Roof? Things To Check Before The Work Is Started And Before You Pay The Final Bill

29 November 2017
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If you have noticed some problems with your roof and have contacted a roofing company to do the repairs, you may think you can just leave everything up to them. However, to be sure you are not being overcharged for the job, and that it is done correctly, there are a few things you need to check before the work is started and some to check once the work is done but before paying for it. Read More 

Your Roof And Rodents

16 November 2017
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While squirrels and chipmunks may be cute, entertaining people with their crazy antics, it's easy to forget that they belong to the taxonomical order Rodentia—the same order as rats and mice! And like rats and mice, when they're looking for food, relief from predators, and a warm shelter for their dray—the nest for birthing and rearing their young—your house can seem mighty tempting. Unfortunately for you, it isn't very difficult for a scurry of chipmunks or squirrels to move in and set up residence. Read More 

Wood Vs. Synthetic Roofing

8 November 2017
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Replacing your roof is obviously a very big decision. Not only will it completely change the style of your home, it also has a big impact on the energy efficiency and maintenance of your roof. Simply put, no two roofing products are the same. Of course, the best product for your home will depend on a number of factors, from your budget to your climate. This article compares two roofing products that are commonly use for residential properties. Read More 

3 Things To Know About The Flashing On Your Roof

26 October 2017
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The roof on your home is there primarily to protect your house, but the components of a roof can wear out over time. One problematic area on a typical home is the flashing. Flashing is something you will find on almost any roof, and it serves an important role; however, it can experience problems too. The problems lead to leaks, and water damage from a leaky roof is harmful for a house. Read More