What To Look For When Inspecting Your Roof

6 May 2016
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No matter how old your roof is, you should conduct a yearly inspection to make sure your roof is in good shape. Many factors intersect to determine how a roof ages, and in order to make sure that your roof does not begin to form leaks, you need look for signs of damage. In some cases, you can conduct your inspection from the ground level, but you may also need to get up close to roofing components to find damage. Read More 

3 Safety Tips To Keep In Mind For Your First Roofing Project

23 February 2016
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Every homeowner knows that it's important to keep up a regular maintenance schedule in order to keep a house in good condition, but there's often one area of the house that is sometimes forgotten even though it's right over their heads: the roof. Doing a regular inspection of your roof is will help ensure that you can find and stop any potential problems with leaks, insulation or other areas before it's too late. Read More